Central Cord Syndrome

Georgia Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Atlanta personal injury lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert has been recognized as a Georgia “Super Lawyer” and as a member of its “Legal Elite.” For over 20 years, Mr. Ozcomert has earned his reputation as a committed personal injury attorney by advocating for victims of serious accidents, including those diagnosed with central cord syndrome.

Central Spinal Cord Injury

Like anterior cord syndrome, central cord syndrome is an “incomplete” spinal cord injury distinguished by disproportionately greater impairment in the upper extremities. Because the nerves making up the spinal cord have specific roles, damage to a particular section of nerves can result in varying degrees of sensory and motor loss. Central cord syndrome may involve:

  • Edema
  • Tingling
  • Pain, aches
  • Hemorrhage
  • Urine retention
  • Paralysis in arms
  • Loss of movement
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Lack of hand control
  • Cervical cord damage

Patients with central cord syndrome experience loss of function below the site of injury. While damage to the anterior cord impairs transmission of signals between the brain and lower body, injury to the central cord disrupts nerves responsible for hand and arm movement as well as bladder control. Few patients recover normal function and no standard cure for the injury exists.

Negligent Causes

Central cord syndrome is usually caused by hyperextension of the cervical spine, which can occur when the neck is knocked back beyond its intended range of motion. Any high-force trauma can cause compression or herniation of the vertebral discs, snapping the cervical nerves. Spinal cord injury is a medical emergency that is often caused by various types of accidents involving:

  • Traffic collisions
    • Talking, texting
    • Underage drinking
    • Truck driver fatigue
  • Premises liability
    • Slip-and-fall accidents
    • Third-party assault, battery
    • Sports and recreation
  • Medical malpractice
    • Surgical mistakes
    • Nursing home abuse
    • Movement of patients

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) sets forth rules to recover personal injury damages from negligent parties. OCGA §51-12-33, for example, requires that property owners sued for defective stairs or criminal attacks provide competent evidence that the negligence of an unidentified contractor or assailant contributed to the injury before “apportioning” fault.

Liability for Injury

Personal injury law requires that at-fault parties pay victims injured by their negligence if liability is proven. Careless motorists, property owners, and others may share liability for the harm if more than one actor is responsible. But their “cross-claims” against each other are distinct from the victim’s personal injury claim. The negligent parties and their insurers are still liable for the costs incurred as a result of negligence. Please contact Atlanta central cord syndrome attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert if you are a victim of this type of spinal cord injury, as the costs may include:

  • Lost income
  • Medical bills
  • Future surgery
  • Pain, suffering
  • Future earnings
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription drugs

Immobilization of the patient in the intensive care unit is integral to treatment of central cord syndrome. The patient must then undergo extensive therapy to recover motor function. During this lengthy recovery period, skilled medical care is essential and employment impossible. At-fault parties can be held responsible for the resulting lost wages, medical expenses, and other amounts.

Recovering Damages for Your Injuries

If you have a spinal cord injury such as central cord syndrome, contact Atlanta personal injury attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert today. For over 20 years, we have dedicated our practice to representing victims injured by the negligence of others. We fight for the rights of victims with central cord syndrome and other spinal cord injuries. Let us help you seek the compensation you deserve. Call (404) 370-1000 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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