Client Testimonials

I am going to be so honest they were so easy to deal with great communication and just great people Tatum is awesome Steve is professional and good at what he does I definitely recommend them thank you guys honestly.

- James House

To all the customers that Mr Stephen it has been a pleasure doing business with him patience is a virtue they have plenty of patience and they listen to me everyday and the answer my phone calls they never was a hesitation and I just want to say thank you for everything.

- Crystal Daniel

Everyone here was amazing. Tatum was always friendly, patient, caring, and helpful throughout the entire process. Steve was a great attorney and made sure my wife and I had full understanding and counsel. Highly recommend! Amazing experience!

- Dustin Barker

I would to let everyone know that is reading this email, is that with no hesitation I would trust Attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert, with all my personal injury cases. The staff I would have to say is the best I’ve always had the opportunity to speak with Anne Trapp she really helps you with getting your case solved and making sure that it’s a painless experience as she diligently works with the insurance companies and or with your employer. I can say this Anne Trapp is the Best this is the reason I’m a 4 time returning client. And I can’t leave Tatum out she’s also someone goes out of her way to help with anything that is needed to assist with your case. Thanks again Attorney Ozcomert for all that you do.

- Gail Blake

It was an absolute wonderful experience. The staff was a joy and pleasure to work with. But Anne is an absolute jewel. She made the entire experience unforgettable. She gave myself and my family so much comfort and security. She was always there for everything. It was dealing with someone you've known all of your life. She has impacted me and my family. We have developed and very good friendship and I am most appreciative for it. You just don't find people Anne this day and time. Caring and very understanding. Stephen; You have some gold with Anne. I Wouldn't let her get out of my sight for too long. She's the best.

- Harold Peterson

Steven, Anne, and Tatum! They were all fast and professional! They followed up on every question within minutes and facilitated the entire process! Used them once and then went back when I had another accident.

- Wendell La Touche

Mr. Ozcomert with his highly skilled team of professionals: a true blessing to the greater Atlanta community. When I was injured and unaware of my rights, this team aided me in navigating the steps of healing and getting back on my feet. In my experience, it was having another specialist doctor treating me with care, compassion, and dignity. I was clueless and would have been taken-advantage-of, if not for Steve, Tatum, and their champion fighter Anne. I am forever grateful for the help. If you are in need of legal council, and want to be treated with respect and given excellent advice, hands down, this is the pro you want!

Can not recommend highly enough - 10 stars.

- Pigeon MacPigeon (Pigeon Mac)

Tatum, Anne, and the rest of the staff are the best in the business. Period! They treat you family, truly care for your well being, and go the extra mile to achieve the best outcome for their clients! It's fitting that I learned about them through a friends referral. I would refer them to family, friends, and even strangers - without question!

- Josh Gardere

I would to thank Steve Ozcomert and his Staff for 30yrs of service that have received.everyone make me feel right at home my extended family.Steve Office staff has always opened their arms to me and my family for other Advice outside of just being a Law Firm that’s what makes them the best Law Firm that you would want to do Business with.much Love and true blessings to my extended family.If you are ever in need of an arsome Law Firm stop buy don’t pass them up give them a try. Much love to my wonderful Law Firm.Ms Germaine.

I would to thank Ann Trapp for always placing the clients with the right people that are well suited for their Injury that she feel they would be comfortable with. I would to thank Tatum for always stepping in when Ann is not able, they both make a great Team. Those Ladies are a great asset to Steve s Law Firm.

- Main Boyd

There are not enough good things to say about Steve, Anne, & Tatum. They were extremely caring, informative and helpful with my case. They took the stress and worries of my accident off of me and allowed me to focus on getting better. They genuinely cared about me and I could not be more happy with the outcome of all their hard work on my case. There is no need to look any further for a personal injury attorney, Steve is the right guy!

- Ashlyn Rogers

Excellent Choice – ★★★★★

Mr. Ozcomert was very knowledgeable about the car accident case that I brought to him. I were very comfortable throughout this process and would retain his services in the future. He defended the best interest of his client. Anne and staff are helpful and professional to answer all questions arise during the process. I would to recommend.

- D Le

These are kind harted people. Every since the first phone call to the last they have had patience and clarity on how things will work. Even thru the pandemic they have got things done abruptly. I highly recommend this agency!

- Bell Quandarius

I can’t say enough good things! I have been working with Steve, Anne and Tatum for 3 years on my personal injury from a car accident. They always kept me informed and I will forever be grateful for what they did for me. They handled everything for me. They reached out to me often over the three years to both keep me informed and make sure my family and I were doing ok after the accident. They were always truly concerned about me and caring when I spoke with them. They were able to keep me from having to go to a trial and even got me the maximum settlement amounts on my case. I would and will recommend anyone that needs an attorney to them!

- Leslie Queen

Steve & Anne Thank you for all you do your the Best. I met Anne over 20yrs ago and I can truly say that Anne is a Blessing to me and our family 😊 anytime something comes up or if just needing someone to talk to I can call My Sister Anne Trapp My trust in her goes a very long way I Love you & would not think about being any where else.

- Samantha Mathis

This is the second case that Steve and his staff has handled for me. Both were from car accidents caused by others. Both Steve and his staff are very compassionate and answered all my questions as well as keeping me informed what was happening in my case. I would gladly have given them 10 stars if I could.

- Tammie McElwaney

I have to say the team made this experience so easy, although they probably didn’t have it so easy. They got me more than I anticipated and the level of communication between Ann Trapp and I was great. Ann let me know where we were in the process, she made sure all my concerns were met and she pushed to get me MORE.... I would not only use them again and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family....

Thank you guys!!!!

- Official EduHipHop

Absolutely the best. This law office is fantastic. Great customer service, friendly, and they worked very hard on my case to get me the results i needed. They always kept me abreast of what was going on and they kept their word. Mrs.Anne Trapp was very helpful so again i say Thank You Guys at Ozcomert Law office !

- Thurmond Robinson

They are the best! I couldn't have asked for better. Mrs. Anne and Mrs. Tatum are just what I needed they give it to you straight. It made me even more comfortable to know that Mr. Ozcomert and his team didn't just see me as another case but actually cared. If I'm ever in the need again I will definitely be contacting them.

- Tamara Jones

Ms.Anne is the BEST she gave me advice and helped me to solve a personal injury matter I had. I will MOST DEFINITELY use this Law Firm if ever needed in the future.

- Erica Williams

Stephen, Anne and Tatum are just awesome in every sense of the word. I've had two cases with them and they took great care of me. I highly recommend them.

- Animigio Byrd

Ms. Ann is awesome, she gave me the best legal advice I WILL DEFINITELY refer everyone to her and the law firm thank you Ann I appreciate it!!!

- Katria E

These guys are amazing! I have unfortunately been injured twice and they have taken care of my both times without any problems. I'm currently in school and they work around my schedule and make so many accommodations for me as well. Anne, who I have gotten to know very well, treats me so good and is very responsive. I never hesitate to call her about anything. Would 100% recommend them to anyone.

- Thai Khuong

We can not say enough about the professional and curious way Steve and Anne treated us in Marions accident. They went out of their way to make sure Marion was ok. And get her a really good settlement. Anne always either answered Marions calls or called back quickly. She took care of all problems at once and made us feel very much at ease. We would recommend them to anyone needing help.Thank you so much, Steve and Anne.

- David Edwards

Amazing lawyer that actually cares about you. And his assistants Anne and Tatum are absolutely the best, they'll never let you doubt for a second they care and are willing to take time to answer any questions. You really can't choose a better lawyer or associates!

- Katlin Bentley

Tatum and Anne are just amazing. They were very helpful in dealing with my sister’s case. I would definitely recommend them.

- Shivani Baradi

Atty Stephen and his crew are awesome. When he is out of the office, he is not really missed because his staff Anne and Tatum takes over and get the job done. They keep in touch with you throughout your traumatic journey. I would use them again. My accident was in late February and my case has been settled in mid August.

- Yvonne Johnson

Steve and Ann are amazing at what they do, they handle my case very well and was very productive thank you guys soo much 🙂

- Nola Dee

I had 2 cases that Stephen, Anne and Tatum handled. They kept me informed throughout the whole process. Very personable and professional. I highly recommend them.

- Mary Van Den Heuvel

Tatum and Anne are amazing they have handled 2 car accidents for me over the last few years they go above and beyond!

- Stephanie Cox

Steve, Anne, and Tatum make an awesome team. They handled two cases for me and I couldn't have asked for better results. They will fight for you every step of the way. I highly recommend them.

- Lori Franco

Great personal injury attorney! Amazing support staff! I would definitely recommend.

- Denise Harbin

A very personable, dedicated and talented lawyer who truly cares for his client/s.

- George Coletti

Ann is the best, so nice, extremely full of up to date information. Helpful, caring staff that takes their time with assisting you. Claps all around... thank you R.W.

- Ras Queen

I am pleased with Mr. Ozcomert, Ann, and Tatum. All were more than professional making me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. I highly recommend ⭐️

- Kim Justice

Awesome, Mr.Ozcomert is very professional, and his staff Anne and Tatum is always on top of it when ever you call, I have had two accidents with great results, I will recommend Attorney Ozcomert to all my family and friend who is in need of his services.

Thanks Attorney Stephen Ozcomert for all you did for me.

- Patricia Gartrell

I’ve worked with Ms. Trapp and Mr. Ozcomert on 3 different occasions and I was satisfied with their service every single time. I highly recommend this law firm.

- BigMike M.

I was hurt in an auto accident earlier this year. Steve and Anne handled everything from the beginning. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and how smoothly things went.

- Phillip Dang

Ozcomert and his team were dedicated to making sure the process of my legal proceedings went flawless and prompt. I thank them for taking care of me.

- William Hall

Wow. I wish I could give them 10 stars!! I had an accident last year May 20th, 2016. I had originally hired another attorney, but the problem was they had my case all the way up until April 2017 and had not done a single thing! Anne convinced me to let them handle it for me. I took my files and records from them and gave them to Steve Ozcomert and now here we are 3 and half months later, case settled and closed!! Not only was it handled in timely fashion, the office was in constant communication with me and kept it real AND I received more than I was hoping to get!! Very professional and honest humans here.

- Rose Brown

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mr. Ozcomert and his entire team. They took me under their wings and made me feel as if I was family not just a number. Whenever I had an issue they came up with a resolution no matter what the situation was. They fought hard for me and gave the best representation I could have ask for, a special thanks to Ann, you were the perfect blend of, tuff love and honesty sprinkle on with kindness and compassion, you guys were awesome and I thank you .

Your the bomb!

- Davante Hudson

The Ozcomert law firm has been an exceptional law firm for me. I haven't had many lawyers so i was hesitant about what i was to do. Ann made me confident in the decision i was making, & the money i received bk was more than my initial thought.

- R A

Steve, Anne, and Tatum were absolutely amazing, professional, responsive, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend using them to anyone.

- Mona Ladha

I thought my life was over. I had a very bad car accident that made me lose everything I owned and left me crippled for almost a year. And I was referred to the law office of Dr. Ozcomert by my doctor. And Ms. Ann and Ms. Tatum saved my life. Jason also assisted in the most critical time of my whole case and with that trio I was blessed to have everything with my case go great. They are my guardian angels that allowed me to have a second chance. And regardless how much hope you think you have, with them three and GOD by your side you are guaranteed to pull thru any situation. I was blessed to be in their hands.

- DCaviK _illa

Very informative and well versed in the field of expertise. i enjoyed our time and from now on he is my go to person if I ever need services in the future. without a question THE MAN!!!!

- Edward Dallas

I am extremely happy that I chose this attorney's office. Mrs. Anne Is the very best, and then they pull the wonderful Tatum out of the deck! This is definitely the office to choose if you value communication, with very trustworthy people. They will keep you well informed every step of the way and fight for what you deserve. "KIND"

- Joey Thornton Jr

I met Mr. Ozcomert almost 20 years ago. He and his exceptionally knowledgeable paralegal Ann handled my case with care. Trust doesn't come easy with me. It was immediate with this outfit. They have helped me as well as my family and friends. Honesty is important. They are also very resourceful. I can trust what they tell me. The best advertisement is word of mouth. They don't have use fancy jingles....just good solid practice! I highly recommend Mr. Ozcomert without doubt!

- Angela Forte

Great attorney! I suggest you give him a call now.

- Hashim Present

Anne and Steve did a great job with my case! I am very happy with my settlement. I would highly recommend them.

- Alex Ezcurra-Jones

I've been a client of Attorney Stephen Ozcomert for the last 13 years. I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone. He's professional & compassionate. By the way, his paralegal ( Mrs. Anne Trapp) has a heart of gold. She's one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. I don't remember the names of the other staff members; however, they are equally as wonderful.

- Mrs. Samantha Spencer-Pratt

Highly recommend Stephen Ozcomert and his team (Anne and Tatum). This is my second time needing use of their services due to personal injury and I am as satisfied this time as I was the last. Anne and Tatum are very communicative during the process and provide regular updates, respond quickly to any inquiries made, and are overall very knowledgeable and friendly while also being proficient at their job. Stephen has always provided exceptional results and is very detailed in his review of everything to make sure I understood every aspect of what transpired during the case. While I hope I do not have to use them again....I will most definitely come back if needed!

- Lindsey Kitchen

I was referred to Steve's office by a friend. I am so thankful that she did. I mainly worked with Anne and she has is great. Thank you Steve, Anne and Tatum for everything.

- Tia Hairston

Steve, Anne, and the rest of the staff are absolutely wonderful. The level of service they provided made me feel as if I was their only client. I never stressed about my case. Anne would call with any updates or questions for me. I never hesitated to call or e-mail any questions I had. When my case settled, Steve sat down with me and explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions. He did not make me feel rushed at all. I will definitely call them if I ever have a need for their services again. I will recommend them to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.

- Darris Hall

I had a great experience. They were patient, and always ready and willing to answer any and all of my questions and concerns.

- P Baldwin

Great guy. Down to earth. Friendly & will help you in anyway he can.

- Robyn Cothren

My family and friends has been working with this office for many years, and are never unsatisfied with the results. I worked with Anne & Tatum, and they did an exceptional job with completing my case. I recommend all to use this office they get straight to the point and get the job done.

- James Slade

Amazing staff. Very helpful. I strongly suggest tany one. Specially Miss Ann.

- Hamid Hamid

Thank you Stephen and Anne for taking such good care of me and Ari. Anne ( paralegal) let me vent all I needed to. Steven is the consummate professional. After 21/2 yrs I am grateful to have settled my case (after trying in vain on my own for over a year) and walking away with a nice check today. I recommend them without reservation!! If you need an attorney call them! :)

- Beth Cohen


- Icon Themove

Great experience! First accident ever and it was a hit an run. This office helped myself and my mother who was also in the car. They handled everything in a professional and caring manner. The overall process was never stressful, they made me feel as if I had did not have to worry about anything! Thank you all at Stephen Ozcomert's office especially Anne who would remain in contact regarding details of the case.

- Taqiyya Campbell-Sousa


- Netasha Martin

I had an amazing experience with the Ozcomert law firm. Anne Trapp paid specific attention to me and my needs and was there every step of the way. I would most certainly recommend them to any one needing legal service for accidents and injury.

- Amina Smith

It was truly a blessing working with this firm. I was very impressed and pleased to be represented by Stephen Ozcomert throughout my accident settlement process. My phone calls and emails were always completely & promptly answered by Anne Trapp his paralegal, which was extremely professional yet very compassionate in helping me understand the details of my case. I highly recommend this firm.

- Mariel Williams

This has truly been a blessing working with Stephen M. Ozcomert and Anne Trapp. I put my trust in them to work my case and they did more than that, the patience they had and even calling me to check up on my health condition. I truly appreciate not only their efforts but you can see them really care about me as a person and not a client. If anything i could do to repay them I would. This is more than just a review but a sincere thank you.

- Jordan Jackson

I can't believe that I had a 2 more accidents back to back five years later. I am so glad that Steve and Anne were able to help me again. I can't imagine ever using another law firm. If you need an attorney they will fight for you time and time again. I can't say enough good things about them. If you need an attorney don't hire anyone else!

- Taffanie Johnson

My experience with the firm, great people, experienced, satisfied with settlement. Highly recommend, would use in the future. Love the paralegal Anne, entirely friendly staff. Went the extra mile to help me get surgery and make lemonade out of a bad situation, Thanks Charles W.

- Law Firm

Hands down this is the best law firm that I have ever dealt with. I recommend anyone that needs a lawyer to contact them asap. Stephen and his team we're truly a blessing to me and my family. Anne and Tatum we're 100% honest with me and straight forward. Being a commercial driver, I didn't know who to turn to but luckily I had a close friend that recommend them and I listened. They helped me get enough money to repair the damages to my truck and cover my doctor expenses and also compensate me for the time I was out of work so I could continue to take care of my family. THANK YOU STEPHEN, ANNE,& TATTUM. I can't thank you guys enough.

- Cordell D. Benton

I would like to let everyone know that is reading this email, is that with no hesitation I would trust Attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert, with all my personal injury cases. The staff I would have to say is the best I've always had the opportunity to speak with Anne Trapp she really helps you with getting your case solved and making sure that it's a painless experience as she diligently works with the insurance companies and or with your employer. I can say this Anne Trapp is the Best this is the reason I'm a 4 time returning client. And I can't leave Tatum out she's also someone goes out of her way to help with anything that is needed to assist with your case. Thanks again Attorney Ozcomert for all that you do.

- David Blake

Choosing Steve and his team, Anne and Tatum, was the best choice we could have made in selecting an attorney for handling our personal injury case. Their knowledge and experience was key to the success of the case. They guided us through the process with professional conversations and showed that they understood and cared about our issues and concerns. If we had to do this again, there would be no hesitation in calling on Steve Ozcomert to represent us.

- Cliff Rolle

I highly recommend Steve Ozcomert. My experience of over three years with him working on my personal injury case was always very positive in that I never had to wonder what the current status was. His two legal assistants, Anne and Tatum kept me well informed at all times. Over the years I have heard not-so-positive stories about attorneys not taking appropriate care of someone's case with insurance companies and was concerned about who to go to when I found myself needing representation. I can't say how fortunate I am to have had a recommendation to Steve by my chiropractor. We did end up in a jury trial because I just didn't want to settle for less than I felt I deserved and Steve agreed and suggested same. So I witnessed Steve in the courtroom and WOW was I impressed! Not only did he not miss any of the important points, but he had visuals for the jury. Videos and poster boards with all the major arguments in plain view to accompany his verbal arguments. Extremely clever visuals I might add! I never once felt anything that I wanted said to be left out. In addition he interviewed all my potential witnesses and chose the most effective ones. He coached on how to be a witness which was VERY helpful particularly since neither my witnesses nor myself had any experience. As a result of his outstanding representation I'm thrilled to report a verdict of almost twice what we asked for! I'm able to continue the medical treatments I still need without the financial worry. He worked hard and tirelessly for me. He's a very decent person and FAR from being like the negative attorney stories I had heard about. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to him. Needless to say I highly recommend Steve.

- Vicki Armstrong

Steve and his staff handled not one but two car accidents that were not my fault for me. His staff kept me updated on my case and would take the time to completely answer all of my questions. If I could give Steve and his staff 10 stars I would. I would highly recommend Steve and his staff to anyone that is in need of a great attorney!!

- Tammie McElwaney

Not only was I injured but my son, who was 5 at the time, was seriously injured as well. We searched for a lawyer for almost 2 months before a friend recommended Stephen and his team of Anne & Tatum. From the moment I contacted them they tried everything in their power to make sure I knew they cared and that we were not just dollar sign's to them. Stephen is very professional and handled our case amazing! Anne and Tatum are so honest, helpful and amazing! They're the real backbone of this firm, they genuinely care and will make sure you're kept up to date on everything going on, and they never once make you feel like a burden.They never promised a miracle but they did promise to help us get back the best compensation possible for our accident. If you're looking for a law firm that actually cares, then I promise you will not regret going with Stephen, Anne and Tatum.

- Katlin Bentley

I Highly Recommend This Law Firm

Stephen Ozcomert and Anne Trapp were recommended to us by a relative after we were hit by a drunk driver. We were told Stephen Ozcomert and his firm would do a great job for us helping us recover from this accident His assistant, Anne Trapp, was very informative to us and at times her directness helped us see things realistically. I found her honest refreshing. Stephen and Anne's preparation for the trail was extremely through. We did not have to go to trail, as we were able to settle matters with insurance companies in Stephen's office without going to trial. This helped us to avoid reliving this accident all over again. I highly recommend their law firm.

- Eric and Nancy

If you are looking for a professional and reputable law firm you can trust, this is it! Stephen and Anne handled our case with the utmost attention to detail while giving us very personalized attention. They are very genuine in their approach and know how to get the job done. While the situation was not pleasant, we cannot say enough about how much we appreciated the great service!

- Michael Ingram

Words cannot express how greatful I am for Mr. Ozcomert and his entire team. They took me under their wings and made me feel as if I was family not just a number. Whenever I had an issue they came up with a resolution no matter what the situation was. They fought hard for me and gave the best representation I could have ask for, a special thanks to Ann, you were the perfect blend of, tuff love and honesty sprinkle on with kindness and compassion, you guys were awesome and I thank you.

- Karlene Hudson

I highly recommend Attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert and his great staff. If you want a firm that works hard for you, is honest and has integrity, this is the firm for you. I cannot thank the firm enough for how they guided me through the process (which was very new to me). My case was not a large case, however, I never felt that my case was not important to Attorney Stephen and the firm. I can honestly say the Law Offices of Attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert really care about their clients. They keep you informed every step of the way. Anne and Tatum are the absolute best. I cannot say enough about them. They are very knowledgeable and hardworking. I experienced some tough personal situations through this process and Anne was always there with an encouraging word. I will never hesitate to recommend this firm to others. I know how I was treated and have no doubt that anyone I recommend will be treated the same. Attorney Stephen is one of a kind. To me, he is the best. I was recommended to this office by a friend. I am glad my first and hopefully only experience with an accident was with the Law Offices of Stephen M. Ozcomert and his staff. You will not regret your decision to allow this firm to represent.

- S. Hamil

Top of the Line High Profile Excellent Lawyer

Stephen then we're so good to me he even took my case before I came out there cuz I was so far away and I was on crutches, took me awhile to get in there but I finally came and they were surprised and I said well I made my mind up when I talk to you and Steve and he talked to me at links over the phone and I was looking for Christian lawyer is that was very good and Anne's been with him for about 22 years now because he's honest and that's hard to find with a good lawyer. A & Ann work together, he does one type of work she doesn't the other type concerning your case and they have another paralegal there I can't think of her name right now. The whole staff is nice and when you walk in there will give you a cup of water. Super Lawyers is a very prestigious magazine and to be able to get in it for 9 years and have a rating with them you have to be very good. Steve and Aunt took care of the insurance company that belongs to the person that hit my vehicle and they collected quickly and then we went through my insurance company because that's the law it wasn't my fault, and we settled with policy limits on both of them. I picked Steve out over the internet under Christian lawyers they were very good in personal injury and I know how to tell if a lawyer is good or Not by talking to and then asking them how much do you get an hour, because that tells your why I've been around a lot of Lawyers. He sings in the choir to besides going to church and that's very unusual for a lawyer to do that. He's a devoted man, and an is devoted to him and she's devoted to all the people or the clients they have. So I would highly recommend Him, and every kind of way Ann and the other paralegal because she helped me out a lot. I've never come in contact with what I came in contact with especially initially because I asked you a lot of questions cuz I've been to Bible College and he loves to sing in the choir and he loves law. I give him an A-Plus rating and I give him a five star rating the whole staff. And they took care of me very well. Not all lawyers take care of you very well. So this is my testimony I'm about Steve and in his staff. If you don't get them you going to have a hard time finding somebody else like that cuz I don't think there is one not with somebody like those people. And their fur on their prices are honest with you, and Steve really works hard a little bit too hard I think and he has much success with Ann's help. I would use him again and I would recommend him to anyone and it's even worth the travel time I took the train and that's pretty good. All I have is compliments to give and I can't say that about every lawyer I've been around.

- Lee

I Highly Recommend Their Law Firm

Stephen and Anne were recommended to me by my doctor. My doctor told me, if you want someone who will do a great job, and who will care about you, call Stephen Ozcomert.

His assistant, Anne Trapp, was extremely informative and to the point. I found her refreshingly honest.

Stephen and Anne’s preparation for the trail was extremely through. During the trail, Stephen presented my case like a power attorney! He was in control of my trial with preparation and presentation.

I highly recommend their law firm.
- Anelia

Knowledgeable and Personable

I've been working with Steve and Anne for the last two years on an automobile accident case. I found them to be incredibly professional, knowledgeable and personable! They kept me updated regularly as to the status of my lawsuit, guided me through a lot of paperwork and answered all of my questions thoroughly and timely.

Steve and Anne made a horrible situation a lot easier to deal with. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family should the need every arise.

Thanks guys!
- Kimberly!

If You are Looking for a Seasoned, Professional Attorney, Choose Stephen Ozcomert

Mr. Ozcomert represented me in a personal injury claim resulting from an automobile accident. In addition to receiving fair market value for my (totaled) car, the settlement from the accident assured that I could replace my vehicle with a newer, comparable vehicle and I did not suffer any out-of-pocket expenses for medical care. Mr. Ozcomert exceeded my expectations. I recommend him whole-heartedly. His staff was responsive and assisted me every step of the way. Mr. Ozcomert is the consummate professional. You are in good hands.

- Hellen

Man on a Mission

I was recommended to Steve by another attorney. She said he was the best for my situation. Well no doubt he was. When you are dealing with the insurance companies and their attitudes you need someone to intervene. The accident was traumatic enough and having to sue your own insurance company was making it worse. Steve stepped in with Anne on his side and they took care of me. With all of their combined experiences I got through this terrible ordeal. I could not have asked for a better attorney that has personality and really cares about you as a person. My family recommends him to anyone that says they have had an accident and you should too.

Words Can Not Describe

3 years ago I became injured and retained lawyer (not Steve Ozcomert). I was extremely dissatisfied with her level of service so I searched for a replacement. After many calls to the top law firms you see on tv, I stumbled across Steve Ozcomert. He decided to meet me and from our initial meeting represented me. He told me he just wanted to help me and would do the best he could. Boy, did he deliver!!! I am so thankful I found him!! Steve is amazing, smart, approachable, caring, and confident in what he does. I see why he has received Super Lawyers so many times because he's my Super Lawyer. His paralegal, Anne, is such an amazing person as well. I appreciate all her hard work and dedication to my case. She has truly been a pleasure.

Thanks Steve and Anne for all your hard work,

- Debbie

Wonderful Lawyer

Steve and Anne walked me through the whole process from start to finish. When I called with questions, I promptly got responses. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone in need of an attorney.

- Taffanie

Best Lawyer Ever!

I have really enjoyed the way that Steve and his one person staff Anne handled my case. They turned a bad situation into a very favorable outcome. They went the extra mile. I can highly recommend Steve to anyone that is in need of an attorney.

- Glenn

Steve's the Man!

My wife's injuries received in our auto accident turned our lives into a two-year+ physical and emotional ordeal. Not only did Steve Ozcomert's expertise result in a settlement way beyond our expectations, and gracious assistance in dealing with the insurance and healthcare principals, but the empathy, good humor, and kindness displayed by Steve and his Gal Friday Ann made us feel like family. I can't recommend Steve enough.

- Tom

K.I.S.S (Keep It Short and Simple)

Thanks for everything...Steve you're the BEST!!! Keep up the great work! I recommend Mr. Ozcomert and partners to anyone who is looking to WIN. ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

- Bernard


Both Steve and Anne are great, they kept me informed of everything and did a great job at representing me and my wife.