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Atlanta truck accident lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert focuses on serious motor vehicle accidents involving driver negligence. For over 20 years, his office has fought for the rights of personal injury victims and bereft families throughout Georgia. With locations in Atlanta and Decatur, Stephen M. Ozcomert is dedicated to finding all sources of liability in preventable trucking collisions caused by issues such as balding or blown out tires.

Everything Rides on Safe Tires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 30 percent of vehicles operate on underinflated tires. When passenger vehicles experience a blowout, danger is imminent. When trucks lack tread, accidents can be fatal. Re-treaded tires save the trucking industry over $3 billion each year. But these savings do not translate to safe driving practices when balding or blown tires endanger others on the road. Under Georgia law, “unsafe” truck tires may include:

  • Any tire on steering axle of power unit
    • With less than 4/32’’ tread measured from any groove
    • Having cut that exposes body ply or belt material
    • With any tread or sidewall separation
    • Marked “Not for Highway Use”
  • Mixed bias and radial tires
  • Unmarked tube-type radial tires
  • Re-grooved tire (except tractors)
  • Bearing weight beyond load limit
  • Buses with recapped, retreaded tires
  • Noticeably flat or under-inflated tires
  • Improperly mounted or touching tires
  • Boot, blowout patch, or other ply repair

Tire tread pushes out water, mud, slush, and debris, allowing the required traction between the rubber and the road. Any imbalance or lack of pressure damages the sidewalls as the tire rotates. The excessive heat and lack of traction can lead to violent blowouts causing rollovers, hydroplaning, and jackknifes. Compromised tires often remain in service until they are “run flat.” The resulting blowouts cause about 23,000 collisions and 534 fatalities each year. Do not hesitate to contact Atlanta truck balding tire lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert if you have been involved in a trucking accident due to lack of tread.

Commercial Vehicle Rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act requires minimum periodic inspections for tires, wheels, and rims. On commercial vehicles, checking tires before and after trips is mandatory. Failure to examine compromised tires or report damage after an accident is likely negligent. Although drivers have a legal duty to make daily inspections, fleet owners and truck operators share the responsibility to repair or replace unsafe tires. Keeping these tires in service without routine maintenance may be cost-effective in the short term, but prove to be a poor business decision when blowouts cause multiple-vehicle collisions.

Personal Injury Liability

Georgia law imposes personal injury liability when balding or blown tires cause a preventable accident. Use of tires that fail to meet the required federal and state regulations governing commercial vehicles can demonstrate negligence. Businesses that employ negligent drivers or that breach tire safety regulations can be held liable for injuries caused by any resulting accidents. This may require that multiple entities and their insurers compensate victims for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and wrongful death benefits. Handling multiple claims of liability requires experienced counsel.

Fight for Full Compensation

If you were involved in a truck accident caused by balding tires, a tire blowout, or a different problem, contact Atlanta personal injury attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert for help. With over 20 years of experience handling commercial vehicle accident cases, he has the knowledge required to pursue the multiple claims for relief that may comprise your legal action. When life-altering accidents threaten your family and future, Stephen M. Ozcomert can help pave the way to obtaining the compensation you deserve. Call (404) 370-1000 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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